Third Generation

25. Sarah HOWARD was born about 1665 in , Anne Arundel, MD. 85 Sarah Worthington was devised by the will of her father in 1691, Howard's Range, Howard's Pasture, the home plantation and 130 acres belonging to it. She served as the executrix of the will of her father Matthew Howard and survived all three of her brothers. She died on 21 December 1726 at the age of 61 in Worthington Estates, Anne Arundel, MD.86 She has reference number 1391.

Sarah HOWARD and Capt. John BRICE were married on 16 December 1701. Capt. John BRICE emigrated in 1698 from from Haversham, England to MA. He died on 13 December 1713 in St. Margaret's Parish, Anne Arundel, MD.87 The James Brice House:
Captain John Brice emigrated to Maryland from Haversham, England in 1698. A gentleman planter and merchant, he married Saah Howard, widow of planter John Worthington and daughter of Matthew Howard, who purchased Greenbury Point from Nicholas Greenbury. John Brice and Sarah ahd three childre. Ann married Vachel Denton, mayor of Annapolis, and Rachel married Colonel Phillip Hammond. Rachel and Phillip's son, Matthias Hammond, buiold the Hammond Harwood Howse. Captain Brice and Sarah's first child was John II, a mayor of Annapolis and Chief Justice of Maryland. John II married Sarah Frisby.
The James Brice House at 42 East Street in Annapolis was built during the period of 1767 to 1773 by James Brice, later know as "the Colonel." He was John Brice II's younger son, who married Juliana Jennings and had 5 children. The building is distinguished by its great size, dignity and huge chimneys. An excellent example of Georgian five part architecture, it is open occasionally by Historic Annapolis.

He is recorded as a gentleman, a merchant, and a planter, member of the House of Burgesses, Justice of the Peace, and Capt. of the Severn Hundred. (Archives of MD) He was guardian for the Worthington heirs. On July 14, 1713, John Brice, merchant, bought Hopkin's Plantation and Howard's Addition from John Howard and Ruth, his wife, and Matthew Howard, sons of John Howard deceased. (Anne Arundel Co Deeds I. B. No. 2, f. 53)

Sarah HOWARD and Capt. John BRICE had the following children:









Rachel BRICE.

Sarah HOWARD and John WORTHINGTON were married about 1686 in , Anne Arundel, MD.88 John WORTHINGTON was born about 1650 in Sharston Hall, Manchester, Lancaster Co., England. Capt. John Worthington was associate Justice of Anne Arundel County in 1692 and in 1699 was a member of the legislative assembly. His toubstone has been moved to the churchyard of St. Anne's Church, Annapolis, and bears the inscription, Died April 9, 1901, Aged 51 yrs. He died on 9 April 1701 at the age of 51 in Pendenny, Anne Arundel, MD.89 He has reference number 1390. Emigrated with brother Samuel
Arrived in Anne Arundel County in about 1675
Was a soldier in Cromwell's army and left England after the restoration of the monarchy of Charles II
Captain of the Severn Militia
in 1678 participated in expedition against Nanticoke Indians
Commissioner and Coroner of Anne Arundel County
Member of the House of Burgess
Bet 1692 and 1996 appointed Associate Justice of Anne Arundel County
Bet 1699 and 1700 member of the legislative Assembly
in 1686 bought Greenbury Forest from Col. Nicholas Greenbury

Anne Arundel Gentry, A Genealogical History of 22 pioneers of Anne Arundel County and their Descendants, by Harry Wright Newman (MD Pioneer Series, 1933) Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, MD, p. 309.
John Worthington, the founder of that family in Maryland, was a youngster when he landed in the New World. From his gravestone it is deducted that he was born in 1650, and as his benefactor demanded land for his passage in 1664, it is readily seen that he was less than 14 years of age when he left his English environs and without parental guidance settled in Maryland...His will was date 4/4/1699 and was proved 5/7/1701. His wife was bequeathed a life interest in the dwelling and plantation and the entire personal estate. John was given the other dwelling and plantation on the Severn, consisting of 400 acres. Thomas received 400 acres of "Greenbury's Forrest" and 250 acres of "Lowe's Addition" both tracts lying near Magothy. William inherited 130 acres of "Howard's Inheritance," 200 acres of land where Richard Beard's mill stood, and 270 acres near Bodkin Creek, and a parcel of woodland, being a portion of William Hopkins. Sarah received 2 negroes at the age of 16 or marriage. After the negotiation of this will a fifth child was born who received that name Charles, but died soon afterwards. Six months after the death of Capt. Worthington a sixth child was born who was also given the name of Charles. Inasmuch as he did not share in his father's estate, his stepfather provided for him rather generously in his will a few years later.

Sarah HOWARD and John WORTHINGTON had the following children:






Thomas Howard WORTHINGTON.









Charles WORTHINGTON was born in 1699 in , Anne Arundel, MD. He died before 20 October 1701 at the age of 2 in , Anne Arundel, MD. He has reference number 1646.