Seventh Generation

381. Sheredine DORSEY was born on 4 December 1810 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.1086,1087 He appeared in the census in 1840 in Pike Co, MO.1088 He Investigation re: George Dorsey on 1 September 1864 in Troy, Lincoln, MO.1089 George Dorsey (Colored)
            Being sworn deposes – and says
I live 4 miles S from Bowling Green Pike
Co. La.(sic)  I was formerly slave for Sheridan Dorsey.
I enlisted in
the U S service at Benton
Barracks last March 64. Remained in  the service
some 3 or 4 days & was discharged from disability
I went back to Louisiana Pike Co Mo. and worked
there two weeks.  I then went to see my family
about 2 ½  miles of my Master Sheridan Dorsey
4 miles S from Bowling green Pike co Mo.  I got
as far as Bowling Green when my late master threw me
in prison, remained in prison till that night –
I then made a –bargain with him to work for
him for pay by the month – remained with him
about 4 months – on Monday afternoon Aug 1/64  he Sheridan Dorsey
met me at the gate at dinner time and asked me if
I had done a certain piece of work I told him
I had not - he then commenced abusing me
and made an attempt to stab me with a knife
twice - I got away from him. He then went
and got his gun and shot at me.  I got
away and then went to my wifes home –
stayed there till the next day & went to Louisiana P
Pike Co Mo. – stayed there till next evening
and got a pass from Lieut Geo W Anderson
………………………to come to St. Louis
And return – this man Sheridan Dorsey
Has taken my discharge papers and my
money to pay my jail fees -
I came to this office for the purpose of obtain
ing duplicate papers of Discharge – or having
Sheridan Dorsey compelled to give me the
Original ones in his possession – or to obtain
Information as to what I shall do in the case
 Don’t recollect the name of the Recruiting officers.
Sworn to and subscribed                      George  X Dorsey
Before me this 6th Aug 1864                           mark
Geo J W -?-
Asst Examiner Sheredine died on 5 August 1879 at the age of 68 in Ashley, Pike, MO.1087 He was buried after 5 August 1879 at Antioch Cemetery in Cuivre Township, Pike, MO.1087

Sheredine DORSEY and Elizabeth SANFORD appeared in the census in 1850 in Cuivre Township, Pike, MO.1090 They1090 appeared in the census in 1860 in Ashley, Pike, MO.1091 They1091 appeared in the census in 1870 in Ashley, Pike, MO.1092 Sheredine and Elizabeth1092 were married.1093 Elizabeth SANFORD was born on 4 December 1813 in Kentucky.1093 She died on 26 February 1892 at the age of 78 in Cuivre Township, Pike, MO.1093,1094 She was buried after 26 February 1892 at Antioch Cemetery in Cuivre Township, Pike, MO.1093

Sheredine DORSEY and Mary ADAMS were married on 27 April 1838 in Pike Co, MO.1095 Mary ADAMS died before 1840 in Pike Co, MO.1088