Fifth Generation

118. Thomas Beale DORSEY was born on 25 August 1761 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.157,336,380,381 He graduated in 1799 at St John's College in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD. He signed a will on 16 March 1827 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.382 Thomas died on 6 September 1828 at the age of 67 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.336,383,384 He was buried after 8 September 1828 at Dorsey Graveyard at Arcadia in Ellicott City, Howard, MD.380 He had his estate probated on 20 October 1828 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.385 Thomas has reference number 865. Republican Star Newspaper, 22 Nov 1808, Vol 7, Issue 12, page 3, Easton, MD
Thomas B Dorsey, Esq of Baltimore, was on the 14th instant, elected a member of the Senate of this State, in the place of John T Mason, Esq, resigned.

Alexandria Gazette, 8 Oct 1814, Vol XIV, page 3, Alexandria, VA
Maryland Gazette, Oct 6: GLORIOUS TRIUMPH - It is with the liveliest emotions we announce to our distant readers the complete regeneration of this County. After having slumbered for fourteen years in the arms of Democracy, the citizens of Anne Arundel county have awakened; they have become sensible of their wanderings; they have returned to the right path; they have embraced the true faith; they have broken down their idols; they have renounced their idolatry. It is the strongest evidence that the good people of the county have only to be convinced to ensure the prevalence of correct opinion. The change has been radical, we confidently trust it will be permanent. The Election has resulted in the choice John C Herbert, esq. for Congresss, and Brice J Worthington, Col Thomas Hood, Dr Richard Hopkings and Thomas B Dorsey, for the Assembly - the four first named true disciples of the Washington school.

Baltimore Patriot Newspaper, 24 July 1815, Vol VI, Issue 798, page 2:
THOMAS B DORSEY, ESQ: We extremely regret the determination, as well as the cause of it, announced in the following note:
To the Editors of the Baltimore Patriot. Messrs. Editors - As I have been announced in your paper as a Candidate for Anne Arundel County, to the next House of Delegates, permit me through the same organ of publicity to give notice, that in consequence of ill health, it is not in my power to serve if elected in the next General Asembly of Maryland. Of this fact, the Maryland Republican notified the public in April last. Thomas B Dorsey 16 June 1815

Baltimore Patriot Newspaper, 22 Oct 1824, Vol XXIV, Issue 94, page 2:
George Warner and Thomas B Dorsey, are the electors for John Quincy Adams in this district, comprising Baltimore city, Anne Arundel and part of Montgomery. George Winchester and Dennis Claude, the latter a republican, we are disred to mention, are the electors for General Jackson.

Thomas Beale DORSEY and Achsah DORSEY were married on 1 January 1784.336,386 Achsah DORSEY died about 1804 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.387 She has reference number 1810.

Thomas Beale DORSEY and Achsah DORSEY had the following children:



Samuel DORSEY was born about 1790 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.388

Thomas Beale DORSEY and Achsah BROWN were married on 28 October 1806.336,387,389 Achsah BROWN was born on 13 October 1787 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.390 She died in September 1837 at the age of 49 in Howard Co, MD.390 She was buried in September 1837 at Dorsey Graveyard at Arcadia in Ellicott City, Howard, MD.391 Achsah has reference number 1811.

Thomas Beale DORSEY and Achsah BROWN had the following children:



Thomas Beale DORSEY was born in Anne Arundel Co, MD.392



Achsah Riggs DORSEY.



Ann DORSEY was born on 28 June 1811 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.393 She died on 28 November 1871 at the age of 60 in Howard Co, MD.393 She was buried after 28 November 1871 at Dorsey Graveyard at Arcadia in Ellicott City, Howard, MD.393