Second Generation

2. John DORSEY was born in 1653 in VA.6 He owned Hockley in the Hole, 842 acres in 1688 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.7 He owned Dorsey's Adventure, 400 acres in 1688 in Howard County, MD.8 John owned Dorsey's Search, 479 acres in 1694 in Howard County, MD.9 He owned Troy, 763 acres in 1695 in Howard County, MD.10 He owned White Wine and Claret, 1400 acres in 1702 in Howard County, MD.11 John owned Mount Gilboa, 247 acres in 1706 in Howard County, MD.12 He died in 1714 at the age of 61 in Maryland. He has reference number 882. John was adopted.

John DORSEY and Pleasance ELY were married.13 Pleasance ELY has reference number 1018.

John DORSEY and Pleasance ELY had the following children:






Deborah DORSEY.



Edward DORSEY.