Fifth Generation

126. Enoch HAMMOND was born on 13 March 1735 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.428 [Couple] posted marriage banns on 20 November 1761 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.429 He was assessed in 1776 in Mattapoisett, Plymouth, MA430 He died on 12 March 1806 at the age of 70.189 History and Genealogy of the Descendants of William Hammond, p. 207
Enoch, second son of Benjamin 3d, was a man of large benevolence, which was extended to all around him, as he studied the good of friends and neighbors. He was Selectman and Assessor of Rochester for over 20 years; held many other important town offices; and was also a noted land surveyor. In the time of the Revolutionary War, the care of the soldiers' wives was consigned to him, his deep interest in them giving him the name of the "Father of the Town." His memory was cherished with much respect by those of the community who knew him personally.

Enoch HAMMOND and Drusilla WEST were married on 7 January 1762 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.431 Drusilla WEST, daughter of Thomas WEST, was born on 2 September 1742 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.432 She died on 28 November 1814 at the age of 72 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.432

Enoch HAMMOND and Drusilla WEST had the following children:



Benjamin HAMMOND.



Ruth HAMMOND was born in April 1765 in Mattapoisett, Plymouth, MA.433 She was baptized on 14 April 1765 in Mattapoisett, Plymouth, MA.433 She died on 8 October 1765 at the age of 0 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.434



Thomas HAMMOND was born on 17 September 1766 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.435,436,437 He died on 1 May 1804 at the age of 37 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.438



Nathaniel HAMMOND was born on 26 June 1768 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.437 He died on 8 July 1838 at the age of 70 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.439