Sixth Generation

253. Jabez Delano HAMMOND was born on 2 August 1778 in New Bedford, Bristol, MA.646 In 1799 he was a physician in Reading, VT.647 In 1805 he was an attorney in Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY.647 Jabez was elected as trustee of the village in 1812 in Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY.647 He was elected as representative to Congress in 1815 in Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY.647 He was elected as a judge in 1838 in Otsego County, NY.647 Jabez died on 18 August 1855 at the age of 77 in Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY.647 He was appointed to the New York Board of Regents on 18 August 1855 in Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY647 He was buried in Cherry Valley Cemetery, Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY.647 Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century:
Hammond, Jabez D, lawyer, jurist, state senator, congressman, author, was born Aug 2, 1778, in New Bedford, Mass. He was a lawyer and popular political writer of New York. He was a representative in congress from New York from 1815 to 1817, and , on the expieration of his term, was elected to the state senate, of which he was a member until 1821. He was elected county judge in 1838, and he was elected a regent of the university of New York, and held the office until his death. He published works entitled, "Julius Melbourn; The Political History of New York; Life and Times of Silas Wright; and Evidence of the Immortality of the Soul. He died Aug. 18, 1855 in Cherry Valley, NY

Jabez Delano Hammond, Abolitionist (1778-1855)
Benjamin Hammond the emigrant, 1634. In 1793 he began to teach school, devoting his leisure time to the study of medicine, which profession he began to prictise in Reading, VT in 1799. He left medicine for law, and was admitted to the bar in 1805, and removed to Cherry Valley, NY. He served as a representative in the 14th congress, 1815-17; was in the state senate, 1817-21, and removed to Albany, NY in 1822, where he practised law till 1831. In 1825 he was appointed commissioner for the state of New York to settle claims against the US government. In 1831 he went abroad for his health and returned to reside at Cherry Valley, where he was elected county judge in 1838. He was a regent of the University of the state of New York, 1845-55, and received the honorary degree of AM from Union in 1826 and that of LLD from Hamilton in 1845. He published The Politic History of New York to December, 1840 (1843); Life and Opionions of Julius Melbourn (1847); Life of Silas Wright (1848); and Evidence, Independent of Written Revelopation, of the Immortality of the Soul (1851). He died in Cherry Valley, NY Aug 18, 1855.

Jabez Delano HAMMOND and Miranda STODDARD were married about 1810.389 Miranda STODDARD was born on 26 January 1788 in Woodbury, Litchfield, CT.389 She died on 8 August 1831 at the age of 43 in Albany, Albany, NY.389

Jabez Delano HAMMOND and Miranda STODDARD had the following children:



Maria B HAMMOND was born on 31 October 1811 in Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY.389



Wells Stoddard HAMMOND was born on 15 December 1814 in Albany, Albany, NY.389



Jabez D HAMMOND was born about 1816 in Albany, Albany, NY.389

Jabez Delano HAMMOND and Laura WILLIAMS were married about 1834.389 Laura WILLIAMS died on 9 July 1853.389