Eighth Generation

378. Hannah Sturdevant HAMMOND was born on 12 December 1849 in N. Abington, MA.989

Hannah Sturdevant HAMMOND and Thomas Bush GEFFROY were married.990 History of San Joaquin County, CA - Los Angeles Historic Board Co, 1923, p 363


Numbered among the honored pioneers of San Joaquin County is Mrs. Hannah Sturtevant Geffroy, who came to California via the Panama route in 1864 and since 1875 has been a continuous resident of the county. She has witnessed the growth and development of the Lodi Section of the county from a wilderness of underbrush and timber to the present high state of cultivation and prosperity. Mrs. Geffroy is a native daughter of New England, her birth having occurred in North Abington, Mass., December 12, 1849, a daughter of George and Susannah (Shaw) Hammond. The Hammond family dates back to 1634, when the first of the name came to America on the ship Griffin, and from Benjamin Hammond are descended men and women prominent and influential in the early days of Massachusetts. There were eight children in the family: Delia, Mrs. D J Lock, residing in Lockeford; Susan, Mrs. Geo. Lock, deceased; Roland, deceased; Dr. Josiah Hammond of Butte, Mont.; Horace, deceased; Mrs. Geffroy, the subject of this sketch; Clara, deceased; John C Hammond of Lockeford. The entire family of children were born in the same house in North Abington, Mass. The paternal grandmother, Hannah Sturtevant, after whom our subject was named, lived to be ninety-one years old, while the father of our subject lived to be almost ninety years old and the mother died at the age of sixty-five. The family came to California at different times, then the father returned to the Massachusetts home and brought the remaining three children to California in 1864 via Panama. The ship which took them to Panama was convoyed against attack from the rebel naval vessels. The father leased the Staples ranch at Lockeford, where he farmed for a number of years.

On March 17, 1867, on the Staples ranch near Lockeford, in a house that was brought around the Horn in sections, occurred the marriage of Miss Hannah Sturtevant Hammond and Thomas Bush Geffroy, born April 4, 1832, in Newport, RI. His father passed away when he was eight years old. Mr. Geffroy was trained for West Point and received his appointment, but it was at the time of the great gold excitement so instead he joined a party of seven and bought and stocked a vessel to come to California around the Horn and arrived in San Francisco in 1849, where the party disposed of the vessel and went to the mines. However, Mr. Geffroy's success in the mining venture lasted but a short time, then he went to Monterey County, where he became prominent in the political circles of the county and was a member of the first legislature of California that convened at San Jose and Mrs. Geffroy has preserved the manuscripts of his work in that body. For many years Mr. Geffroy was county clerk of Monterey County; he also served as deputy sheriff of the county and was translator in the courts of the county, translating the grants from French and Spanish to the English language. He health gave away and he was forced to seek an outdoor life and engaged in the stock business, first in Monterey County, the in San Joaquin County, where he met Miss Hammond. The family resided in the vicinity of Lockeford for a few years, where Mr. Geffroy rented railroad land for stockraising and where their three oldest children were born; then the family removed to Oakland, and made their home for five years; then they moved back to San Joaquin County, in 1875, where they have continuously resided. Mr. Geffroy purchased a fifteen-acre ranch one-half mile west of Lodi on the Sargent Road, where he engaged in farming for thirty-two years, or until his death on July 7, 1907. Mr. and Mrs. Geffroy were the parents of eight children: Mabel, Mrs. C F Walker of Yreka, Cal., has one daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Otis of Oakland, and she has three children, Geraldine, Wilbur and Glen; Carrie, Mrs. E J Thomas, also of Oakland; Bertha, Mrs. Leslie Dye, resides in Lodi and has three children - Charles, Edna, and Eleanor; Arthur died in 1877, aged three years; Susie, Mrs. W W Hubbard of Stockton, has tow children - Wilma and Wayne; Amos died at birth, and his twin Amy, is Mrs. Emmitt Gordon, who resides in Acampo and has five children - Dorothy, Kenneth, Neil, Joyce and Barbara; Ralph Geffroy resides in New York. Since the death of her husband Mrs. Geffroy has made her home in Lodi at 22 West Elm Street, and she is an esteemed member of the Congregational Church in Lodi and is the oldest in membership of that organization. Thomas Bush GEFFROY was born on 4 April 1834 in Newport, Newport, RI.991

Hannah Sturdevant HAMMOND and Thomas Bush GEFFROY had the following children:



Susan Hammond GEFFROY.