Third Generation

9. Elizabeth (Betsy) ROBERTS152,186 was born about 1790 in Louisa Co, VA.187,188 She owned Richard Roberts heirs pay off mortgage on 19 April 1810 at 36 1/2 acres on Priddy's creek in Albemarle Co, VA.189 She died before 1853 at the age of 63 in VA.190 Elizabeth has reference number 1033. She was also known as Elizabeth "Betsy" Roberts.

Elizabeth (Betsy) ROBERTS and Edward Lot WARREN were married on 18 October 1806 in , Albemarle Co, VA.191,192 They191,192 signed a marriage contract on 18 October 1806 in Louisa County, VA.193,194 They193,194 appeared in the census in 1820 in Nelson County, VA.195 Elizabeth and Edward195 appeared in the census in 1830 in Nelson County, VA.196 They196 appeared in the census in 1840 in Nelson County, VA.197 They197 appeared in the census in 1850 in Nelson County, VA.198 Edward Lot WARREN, son of Bartholomew WARREN and Sarah ALMOND, was born in 1786 in Louisa, Virginia.199,200 He sold Sale of estate of Bartholomew Warren in Louisa, Louisa, VA on 11 January 1813.158 This Indenture made and entered into this eleventh day of January eighteen hundred and thirteen between William Fleeman and Elizabeth is wife David Grimstead and Nancey his wife, Clabourne Walton and Milly his wife Thomas Whitlock and Molly his wife James Roberts and Rhoda his wife and Thomas E Warren legatees of Barthalomew Warren decd of one part and Nicholas Whitlock of the other part Witnesseth that the said legatees for the sum of six hundred and thirty two dollars lawful money of Virginia to hem in hand paid by the said Nicholas Whitlock they acknowledge that they have sold to the said Nic Whitlock a tract of land lying in Louisa County and on christopher run creek containing seventy nine acres be the same more or less and bounded as follows Beginning at ta maple on christophers run thence North sixty one degrees west one hundred and forty four poles to two oak saplins in James Gillums line on the side of a road thence on Hugh Goodwins down the meanders of said road ninety eight poles to a corner in John Gunters line thence South sixty one degrees east one hundred and forty tow poles to two white oakds on the side of a creek thence up te creek by the meanders thereof to the begining. Now the said legatees above mentioned bind themselves there heirs & assigns to warrant and forever defend a lawful right to the said land & to all the appertainances thereunto belonging to the said Nich. Whitlock forever In witness hereof they have hereunto set there hands and seals this day and date above written
Signed sealed & delivered in presence of William Fleeman
James Gillum Jasper Grimsted David X Grimsted
Dudley Ware Nancy Grimstead
Claibourne Walton
Mildred Walton
Thomas X Whitlock
Polley Whitlock
William Walton
Patsey Walton
Edward S Warren
James D. Roberts
Thomas E Warren

At a court held for Louisa County on the 14th day of January 1831 This deed was this day in open court proved to be the act and deed of William Fleeman David Grimstead Clabourne Walton Edward L. Warren James D Roberts & Thomas E Warren by the oaths of James Gillum Jasper Grimstead & Dudley Ware the witnesses thereto and by the court ordered to be recorded as to them. And the said deed was acknowledged by Elizabeth Fleeman wife to the said William, Nancey Grimsted wife to said David Milly Walton wife to said Clabourne Molley Whitlock wife of said Thomas Patsey Walton wife of said William Elizabeth Warren wife of said Edward Rhoda Roberts wife of said James who were severally previously examined & is ordered to be recorded as to them
Teste Jn Poindexter CLC 201 He Added to the Jackson Corresponding Committee on 31 August 1832 in Nelson County, VA.202 In 1850 Edward was a Methodist minister in Nelson County, VA.203 He appeared in the census in 1850 at Farm Schedule in , Nelson, VA.204 205 He appeared in the census in 1860 in Willow Bank, Nelson, VA.206 Edward signed a will on 21 September 1860 in Nelson Co, VA.207 Nelson County, VA
Will Book K, p 262
Last Will and Testament of Edward L. Warren
In the name of God Amen! I Edward L Warren of Nelson County Virginia do make this my last Will and testament in manner and form as follows viz 1st I desire after my death that all my Just debts and funeral expenses be paid by my Executor herein after named.  2nd, I give to my two Grandchildren Gilbert, Edward and James SS Bowman the sum of twenty dollars each to be placed in the hands of their mother until they or each of them shall arrive at the age of twenty one years and then paid over to them by their mother.  3rd, I desire that the ballance(sic) of my entire estate of every description be equally divided between my children as soon after my death as practicable  4th I desire that the portion of my estate to which my daughter Malinda Falwell will be entitled by an equal division be placed in the hands of my son in law William S Vaughn who shall hold it for the special benefit of my said daughter Malinda and her children, also the portion of my estate coming to my daughter Eliza Tinsley be placed in the hands of Isaac Tinsley her husband for the special use and benefit of my said Daughter Eliza Tinsley and her children 5th  I appoint my sons in law William S Vaughan and Henry Roberts Executors of this my last Will and Testament without being required to give security for their administration of my Estate, Given under my hand and seal this 21st day of September 1860
Witness                                                        Edward L Warren (Seal)
Joel Fortune
Charles McKnight
Codicil – Having this day sold to my daughter Martha G Warren my tract of lands (on which I now reside) for the sum of one thousand Dollars I hereby revoke and recall any legacy or interest in my estate herein before given her, and instead whereof now hereby give her out of the money arising from the lands sold her, the sum of five hundred Dollars which my Executors are authorized and directed to deduct from the bonds for land payable as of this date, before collecting the residue of the same
As written my signature and Seal this 10th of January 1861
Witness                                                       Edward L Warren (Seal)
James Pamplin
Charles McKnight
He died before 25 February 1861 at the age of 75 in Nelson Co, VA.208 He had his estate probated on 25 March 1861 at Will proved for probate in Nelson Co, VA.208 At a Court held for Nelson County February 25th 1861
An Instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Edward L Warren decd with a codicil thereto annexed was this day presented in Court and proved by the oath of Joel Fortune as to the will and by the oath of James Pamplen as to the codicil and ordered to be continued until the next Court
and At a Court held for Nelson County March the 25th 1861
The will and codicil thereto annexed of said E L Warren deceased was again presented in Court this day having been heretofore partly proven, and further proved by the oath of Charles McKnight a witness thereto and ordered to be recorded And on the motion of Henry Roberts who made oath entered into bond in the penalty of $2000(without security none being required by the will) conditioned according to Law Certificate is granted him for obtaining probat of said will in due form.
                                                                Teste  S H Loving Clk Edward has reference number 1771. For tax year 1809, Edward Warren is mentioned with the name of Richard Roberts on the Albemarle County list of persons "owning taxable property" - including 2 Free White Males, 4 slaves over 16, 4 horses, and 1slave between 12 & 16.

Gillum Genealogy: Edward L Warren was a minister.

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Apr 1976, Vol 14, No 2, p 35: Rev Edward Warren married John Eubank and Catharine Norvell 6 Nov 1820 in Albemarle Co, VA

Elizabeth (Betsy) ROBERTS and Edward Lot WARREN had the following children:






Malinda WARREN.






Margaret Lucinda Reed WARREN.



Mary Ann WARREN.



Elizabeth S WARREN.