Seventh Generation

124. Andrew Gustavus NORWOOD979 was born on 10 March 1813 in New York, NY, NY.980,981 In 1835 he was an Importer - Richards & Norwood in New York, NY, NY.982,983 He lived 6 Bond street in New York, NY, NY in 1835.984 Andrew was elected as foreman of Hose Company No 5, NY Fire Dept. on 3 October 1836 in New York, NY, NY.985 He Visitor to city on 8 January 1840 in New Orleans, LA.986 He went to court to on 1 February 1840 in Florida987 Andrew went to court to Declared Bankrupt on 19 April 1842 in New York, NY, NY988,989,990 In 1845–1846 he was a Norwood & Robinson, 4 Hanover in New York, NY, NY.991 In 1846–1847 he was a Norwood & Robinson in New York, NY, NY.992,993 Andrew lived in New York, NY, NY in 1850.994 On 6 October 1856 he was a stock broker in New York, NY, NY.995 In 1857 he was a Director of Lorillard in New York, NY, NY.996 In 1859 Andrew was a broker in New York, NY, NY.997 He taxpayer's union committee on 29 November 1861 in New York, NY, NY.998 In New York, NY, NY in 1862 .999 In New York, NY, NY in 1862 .1000 In 1863 he was a broker in New York, NY, NY.1001 On 22 October 1864 Andrew was a Broker/A G Norwood & Co Dissolution in New York, NY, NY.1002 In New York, NY, NY in 1866 .1003 He arrival from Europe on 3 November 1870 in New York, NY, NY.1004 He went to court to Files for Bankruptcy on 25 January 1871 in New York, NY, NY1005 Andrew went to court to Bankruptcy discharge on 23 April 1871 in New York, NY1006 He signed a will on 24 January 1879 in New York, NY, NY.1007 I Andrew G Norwood being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make publish and declare the following to be my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills by me made. First, I hereby order and direct that all my just debts be paid as soon as may be after my decease. Secondly, I give devise and bequeath unto Mary F T Norwood my beloved wife all my estate both real and personal of every nature and kind whatsoever to have and to hold to her and her heirs forever. Thirdly, I hereby nominate make and appoint said Mary F T Norwood to be sole executor of this my last will and testament. In Witness Whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal the Twenty fourth day of January one thousand eight hundred and seventy nine. A G Norwood (S & S)

Witnesses John B Trevor, S F Jayne
Subscribed by Andrew G Norwood the testator named in the foregoing will in the presence of each of us and at the time of making and subscription the above instrument was declared by the said testator to be his last will and testament, and in his presence and in the presence of each other sign our names as witnesses thereto at the end of the Will
John B Trevor residence Yonkers, New York
James F Jayne residence 273 W 25th St, New York He died heart disease on 11 March 1879 at the age of 66 in New York, NY, NY.1008,1009,1010,1011,1012,1013 Andrew was buried on 13 March 1879 at New York City Marble Cemetery in New York, NY, NY.1014,1015 He had his estate probated on 16 May 1879 in New York, NY, NY.1016 He.
New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957,
Andrew G Norwood, 8 Nov 1870; est birth yr: 1813; age: 57; Port of Departure: Liverpool, Eng; Dest: USA; Place of Origin: USA; Ship name: Nevada; Traveling with: Mary T Norwood, John B Trevor, Mrs. J B Trevor

New York Times Newspaper, Nov 9, 1870 (Proquest)
Passengers Arrived: Andrew G Norwood, In steam-ship Nevada from Liverpool with his daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. John B. Trevor.

New York Times Newspaper, April 1, 1871 (Proquest)
IN BANKRUPTCY. - In the District Court of the United States for the Southern Disrct of New York. In the matter of ANDREW G. NORWOOD bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that a petition has been filed in said Court by Andrew Go. Norwood, in said district, duly declared a bankrupt uder the act of Congress of March 2, 1867, ffor a discharge and certificate thereof from all his debts, and other claims provable under said act, and that the 17th day of April, 1871 at 2 o'clock P.M. at the office of Edgar Ketchum, Esq. Register in Bankruptcy, No. 83 Nassau St. in the City of New York, is assigned for the hearing of the same, when and where all creditors who have proved their debts, and other persons in interest, may attend, and show cause if any they have, why the prayer of the said petition should not be granted. Dated New York, on the 24th day of March, 1871. George F. Betts, Clerk

New York Times Newspaper, April 23, 1871 (Proquest)
NEW YORK. ...During last week voluntary petitions in bankruptcy were filed by Paul Falk and Charles O'Neill, and discharges were granted to Isaac Stearn, Andrew G. Norwood, Edmund P. Rogers, Wm H. Kern and Ephraim H Cushman...

3 Feb 1834 and 30 Jan 1837, Petitions to Congress from Merchants of the City of New York, signed by A G Norwood. (Copies in Files)

History of the New York Fire Department, Ch 37, Part II;

Middle Name Research: The name of Gustavus does not appear prior to this Andrew or afterward. However a Gustavus Norwood lived in York, Maine - b. 6 Dec 1748, son of Gustavus Norwood. I have to believe, but have thus far been unable to prove that there was some interaction between the two families. I believe Gustavus Norwood descends from the Francis Norwood line.

Andrew Gustavus NORWOOD and Mary Floyd TALLMADGE were married on 22 April 1836 in New York, NY, NY.1017,1018,1019,1020,1021,1022,1023 They1017,1018,1019,1020,1021,1022,1023 lived in New York, NY, NY in 1840.1024 They1024 lived in 133 Eleventh street in 1845–1846.711 Andrew and Mary711 lived at 133 Eleventh in New York, NY, NY in 1846.1025 They1025 lived at 152 W 14th in New York, NY, NY in 1856.1026 They1026 lived 166 W 14th St in New York, NY, NY in 1857.1027 Andrew and Mary1027 appeared in the census in 1860 in New York, NY, NY.1028 They1028 lived 166 W 14th in New York, NY, NY in 1863.1001 They1001 appeared in the census in 1870 in New York, NY, NY.1029 Andrew and Mary1029 appeared in the census in 1870 in 9th Ward, Dist 9, New York City, NY, NY.1030 Mary Floyd TALLMADGE, daughter of Henry Floyd TALLMADGE and Maria Canfield ADAMS, was born on 2 August 1811 in Albany, Albany, NY.1031,1032,1033 She was baptized on 22 December 1811 in Presbyterian Church, Albany, Albany, NY.1032 She passport application in 1852 in New York, NY, NY.1034 775 Mary appeared in the census in 1880 in New York, NY, NY.1035 She died on 9 September 1886 at the age of 75 in Narragansett Pier, , RI.1033,1036,1037 She was buried on 11 September 1886 at New York City Marble Cemetery in New York, NY, NY.1038 Mary had her estate probated on 30 January 1904 in New York, NY, NY.1039,1040,1041 She had her estate probated on 21 January 1919 in New York, NY, NY.1042 4 Sept 1854 - Passenger on the Pacific out of Liverpool: Mrs AG Norwood, 35; Miss Mary Norwood, 16; Miss Emily Norwood, 13.

US Passport Application, 1852: Application requested by her father, H T Tallmadge, US Marshal, S. Dist. of NY, 27 Mar 1852. She was 35, 4'11 1/4" tall, med forehead, dark eyes with heavy eyebrows, med nose, small mouth, med chin, black hair, slightly dark complexion with a thin face.

A copy of her will is with this genealogy. Will admitted to probate in the County of New York, November 17, 1886.
She left her home at 16 East 37th Street, NY, NY and all her belonging to her daughter, Mary.
She mentions, in her will, a niece, Cornelia T(allmadge) Staples who resided at 807 West Street, Wilmington, Delaware. I do not know how specifically she is related.

Andrew Gustavus NORWOOD and Mary Floyd TALLMADGE had the following children:



Tallmadge NORWOOD.



Mary Tallmadge NORWOOD.



William NORWOOD was born on 30 April 1840 in New York, NY, NY.1043,1044 He died on 30 April 1840 at the age of 0 in New York, NY, NY.1044 He was buried on 30 April 1840 in New York, NY, NY.1045



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