The Genealogy Research of Lynne Roberts

Scrapbooks: Family of Nathan Crowell and June (Norwood) Paddock

Nathan Crowell Paddock, Jr. June Norwood
Nathan Crowell Paddock, Jr.
b. 1865, CA - d. 1940, CA
June Norwood
b. 1875, UT - d. 1940, CA
George Turner Natalie Tallmadge Paddock John Hammond Roberts June Floyd Paddock
George Johnson Turner
b. 1908, CA - d. 1984, CA
Natalie Tallmadge Paddock
b. 1910, CA - d. 2000, CA
John Hammond Roberts
b. 1911, CA - d. 1981, FL
June Floyd Paddock
b. 1913, CA - d. 2006, GA

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