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Scrapbooks:  The Family of William Fraeme McKee

Ann Elizabeth (McKee) Ray
His Sister - wife of Robert Ray
Ann Elizabeth (McKee) Ray
b. 1827, PA - d. 1919, CA
Elizabeth (Tittle) Mckee
His Mother - wife of Andrew McKee
Elizabeth (Tittle) McKee
b. 1803, PA - d. 1877, CA
Albert Gallatin Brown
His Father-in-Law
Albert Gallatin Brown
b.1805, ME - 1867, CA
William Fraeme McKee
William Fraeme McKee
b. 1824, PA - d. 1875, CA

Mary Lincoln (Brown) McKee
His Wife
Mary Lincoln Brown
b. 1835, ME - d. 1913, CA

Gertrude Merrill McKee
Daughter, Gertrude McKee
b. 1859, CA - d. 1900, MA

Dr. Albert Brown McKee
Son, Dr. Albert Brown McKee
b. 1862, CA - 1945, CA

Robert Tittle McKee
Son, Robert Tittle McKee
b. 1872, CA - d. 1943, FL

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