Second Generation

3. Colonel Edward DORSEY was born in 1645 in VA.6 He owned Hockley in the Hole, 400 acres, in 1664 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.14,15 He owned 60 acres in 1668 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.16 Edward was appointed Justice in 1679 in , Anne Arundel, MD17 He was appointed Justice in 1685 in , Anne Arundel, MD17 He was appointed Captain of the Militia in 1686 in , Anne Arundel, MD17 Edward owned Major's Choice, 599 acres, in 1688 in Howard County, MD.18 He was elected as member of the House of Burgesses from Anne Arundel County in 1694 in Maryland.19 He owned The Long Reach, 448 acres, in 1695 in Howard County, MD.20 Edward owned Major's Fancy, 186 acres, in 1695 in Anne Arundel Co, MD.21 He was appointed Judge of the High Court of Chancery and Keeper of the Great Seal in 1695/6 in Maryland17 He signed a will on 26 October 1704 in , Anne Arundel, MD.22 Edward died in 1705 at the age of 60 in , Baltimore, MD.23 He had his estate probated on 31 December 1705 in , Anne Arundel, MD.22 He has reference number 1618. Side-Lights on Maryland History, p. 88:
Major Edward Dorsey, latter known as Colonel, Judge in the High Court of Chancery, and Keeper of the Great Seal, was active in military affairs, and was also a Gentleman Justice of Anne Arundel County. His house on the death of Sarah Wyatt, his wife, Major Edward Dorsey keeper of the Great Seal, wooed and won young Margaret Larkin, who became the mother of four sons and one daughter. In the year 1692 Major Edward Dorsey was one of the committee appointed to read and inspect the laws of the Province, and a few years later we find him a commissioner in Chancery. He was one of the first to contribute to the fund for establishing free schools in Maryland, was a trustee of King William and Mary School, and was given authority to conduct the arrangements for the building of St. Anne's Church, of which he was a vestryman. On account of the inability to secure workmen he resigned the latter commission. Although referred to as Major in the Archives, the title of "Colonel" is given Edward Dorsey in the settlement of his estate, indicating that he attained the higher military honor before his death.
The inventory of Colonel Edward Dorsey's estate bears evidence of his manner of life, for the bequests of silver tankards and cordial cups, silver-hilted swords, chafing dish and other evidences of the convenience and elegancies, indicate that he kept up the dignity incident to a Provincial Justice and Keeper of the Great Seal and field officer of the Colonial troops in his county. His seal gold ring, which was left to his son, Edward, was probably the one used later by Edward and Joshua in sealing a joint deed. The impression of these seals has caused no little conjecture, because of the device and motto which must have belonged to the maternal line. The small shield has in the center a hand holding an upright unsheathed sword, with the motto "An Por Peth" surrounding it. As both Greek scholars and those versed in old Gaelic have found this too hard a problem to solve, I give it as interesting study to the many who spring from the Dorseys.
The Dorsey men have largely inclined to the law, and several of the descendants of the distinguished Judge of the High Court of Chancery, Major Edward Dorsey, have occupied seats on the Maryland bench. In the year 1758 we find Governor Horatio Sharp writing to William Dorsey for his legal opinion on certain vexed questions relative to the rights of indentured servants to enlist in the King's service. Mr. Dorsey's opinion was given.

Colonel Edward DORSEY and Sarah WYATT were married in , Anne Arundel, MD.24 Sarah WYATT died in 1692 in , Anne Arundel, MD.24,25

Colonel Edward DORSEY and Sarah WYATT had the following children:






Edward DORSEY Jr. was born before 1677.



Hannah DORSEY was born about 1679 in , Anne Arundel, MD.



Samuel DORSEY.



Joshua DORSEY Captain.






Nicholas DORSEY.



Benjamin DORSEY was born about 1692 in , Anne Arundel, MD.

Colonel Edward DORSEY and Margaret LARKIN were married after 1692 in , Anne Arundel, MD.26 Margaret LARKIN was born (date unknown).

Colonel Edward DORSEY and Margaret LARKIN had the following children:



Larkin DORSEY was born in , Anne Arundel, MD.



Francis DORSEY.



Charles DORSEY.



Edward DORSEY.