First Generation

1. William HAMMOND was born before 30 October 1575 in London, County of Kent, England.1 He was baptized on 30 October 1575 in England.2 He died before 1634 at the age of 59 in London, England. William has reference number 483. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, No. CXVII, Vol. XXX - January, 1876
Pp. 28 - 32.

From a short Record of our Family, by Elnathan Hammond, copied from a Family Record of my Father's, Mr. John Hammond, of Rochester, 1737, and continued, beginning the year at the 1st of January.

William Hammond, born in the city of London and there married Elizabeth Penn, sister of Sir William Penn, had children. Benjamin their son born 1621, Elizabeth, Martha, and Rachel their daughters, all born in London. William Hammond died there and was buried. Elizabeth Hammond, widow of William Hammond, with her son Benjamin and three daughters, all young, left a good estate in London, and with several godly people cam over to New England in troublesome Times in 1634, out of a conscious desire to have the liberty to serve God in the way of his appointment. They had with them the Rev. Lothrop, their minister, A.D. 1634. Settled in Boston, and there died 1640, had an honorable burial and the character of a very godly woman.

footnote: The ship Griffin, with 200 passengers, including the Rev. Mr. Lothrop, Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson, arrived September 18, 1634. See Drake's "Boston."

William HAMMOND and Elizabeth PENN were married in 1621 in London, England.1,3 Elizabeth PENN, daughter of Giles PENN and Joan GILBERT, was born circa 1605 in England.3,4 She migrated in 1634 to in from London, Eng to Boston, MA.5,6 She died in 1640 at the age of 35 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.7 Elizabeth has reference number 484. Many sources refer to her as Paine or Payne - however, records such as the following seem to support the assumption that she was a Penn - and possibly related to William Penn. See below.

see notes for William Hammond

Also from the Family Record of Elnathan Hammond as quoted in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, January, 1876, p. 32:

Newport the 25th day of Feb. A. D. 1772. By our family record my Great Grand Mother Elizabeth Hammond, with her son Benjamin Hammond aged 13 years and 3 daughters all young, came over to New England in the same ship or vessel with that worthy Minister Mr. John Lothrop, A. D. 1634 and by an ancient Manuscript Record found in the hands of the Rd Mr. Elijah Lothrop of Gilead in Connecticut, in the handwriting of Mr. John Lothrop, a copy of which taken by Doctor Ezra Stiles of Newport I have now before me, I find that Mr. John Lothrop was at Scituate soon after his arrival in New England, viz. "The 28 of September 1634, on the Lord's Day, spent my first Labors forenoon and afternoon."
"January 8, 1634-5, were joined in covenant together as many of us as had been in covenant before, to wit (the names being mentioned) - 9 men and 4 women. January 19th, I was chosen Pastor and invested into office." The church increased by additions from time to time until the 33d person joining is mentioned as follows: "Elizabeth Hammond, my Sister, having a dismission from the Ch. at Watertown was joined April 16, 1638." Rev. John Lothrop with 30 men and 11 women members of his Ch. removed to Barnstable between the 26th of June and 11th of October in the year 1639. Now I suppose my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Hammond after Mr. John Lothrop left Scituate removed to Boston, as it appears by our Family Record that she died and was buried at Boston A. D. 1640. This written by Elnathan Hammond Feby 1772.

The Register author continues...
The Pastoral Journal of the Rev. John Lothrop, reprinted in full in the Register (vol.. ix. pp 279 - 87; x. pp. 37 - 43), including baptisms, burials and marriages, at Scituate and Barnstable, has no entry of Elizabeth Hammond's name but that quoted above. Her dismission from Watertown indicates a connection with the family there. The term "my Sister" implies a family relationship with her pastor, perhaps as a sister-in-law. Her name has not been found in the Probate or other records of Boston, nor a trace of her young daughters anywhere. As to her maiden name, that of Payne by the parish register of Lavenham is assigned to her competitor. In the pedigree of the Penns, daughters are not named. Her son was nineteen at her death, and to that time the remembrances of home had been kept alive to him. Ten years later, his marriage with Mary Vincent at Sandwich, herself of English birth, would renew and assure them for transmission by their son, who always living near his parents, was forty at his father's death. The grandson made the record when a subsequent collateral distinction might mislead him, but his ancestress ennobled the line in the sacrifice and silence of exile.

Hammond Genealogy: William Hammond (1st) was born in London, County of Kent, England, and married Elizabeth Penn, sister of Admiral Sir William Penn, and Aunt of William Penn, the Quaker.

The Welcome Claimants Proved, Disproved and Doubtful, McCracken, The Welcome Society of PA, 1985
Footnotes, p. 415
New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 54:328, 334.
As fourth child Mrs. Roach adds, but with doubt, an Elizabeth Penn, said to have been sister to the Admiral, born perhaps ca. 1605, died at Boston, Mass., 1640, who married in London before 1621, William Hammond, born in London and died there by 1634. The widow and four children arrived in Boston on the Griffin, 16 Sept 1634, in the company of the Rev. Mr. Lothrop. The eldest of the children was Benjamin, born in London 1621, died at Rochester, Mass., 1703 aged 82; married at Sandwich, Mass., 1650, Mary Vincent, born in England, 1633. The other Hammond children were Elizabeth, Martha and Rachel. These Hammonds are, of course, attested (NEHGR 30:29; Jenkins, p. 253), but I know no evidence to prove that Elizabeth was sister of the Admiral as claimed, and I think it highly doubtful as to whether she was of this family. (The family of William Penn)

William HAMMOND and Elizabeth PENN had the following children:



Benjamin HAMMOND.



Martha HAMMOND was born in London, England. She has reference number 1305.



Rachel HAMMOND was born in London, England. She has reference number 1304.



Elizabeth HAMMOND was born in London, England. She has reference number 1301.