Second Generation

2. Benjamin HAMMOND was born in 1621 in London, England.8,9 He migrated in 1634 to in from London, Eng to Boston, MA.10,11 He served in the military as a member of the local militia in 1643 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA.12 Benjamin was appointed constable in 1652 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA13 He named overseer of a will on 12 October 1662 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.14,15 In 1663 he was a fisherman and fish oil maker in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.16 Benjamin witnessed Will of Joan Swift in Plymouth Colony, MA on on 3 March 1663.17 He was appointed constable in 1675 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA18 He owned half of a proprietor's share in 1684 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.19 Benjamin died on 27 April 1703 at the age of 82 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.9,11,20,21,22 He has reference number 466. Continuation of the Family Record of Elnathan Hammond (See William Hammond notes)

Benjamin Hammond, with his wife and four sons, moved to Rochester and there died, aged 82 years, 1703. Mary his widow died 1705.

Genealogical of Barnstable Families, P. 137
...His wife Alice (Berry) was a thievish woman, and husband (Richard Berry) and wife were well matched. May 3, 1653, she was presented for stealing a neckcloth from the wife of William Pierce of Yarmouth; at the June Court for stealing bacon and eggs from Mr. Samuel Arnold; at the March Court, 1654-5, for stealing from the house of Benjamin Hammond a woman's shift and a piece of pork, and at the following Court in June for thievishly milking the cow of Thomas Phelps of Yarmouth.

Mattapoisett and Old Rochester Massachusetts, P. 50
Benjamin Hammond was the own cousin of William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, his mother Elizabeth, the widow or William Hammond of London, being the daughter of the Admiral, Sir William Penn.

NEHGS Record, Vol 6, Jan 1852, page 96:
Abstracts of the Earliest Wills - Benjamin Hammond appointed as overseer of the witnesses for the will of Joan Swift, Sandwich, Plymouth, MA.

Sandwich, a Cape Cod Town, RA Lovell, Jr, Sandwich Archives and Historical Center, 1984, page 39-40.
The original grant to the "ten men from Saugus" referred to room enought for three score families. We find there were indeed about sixty families here in the 1637/40 period, whose names were listed at the end of Ch. 1. There was a rapid turnover of settlers with some transients coming and going. Changes from 1640-1650 included Ralph Allen, Sr., William Bassett, Michael Balckwell, John Ellis, Thomas Gibbs, William Gifford, Thomas Greenfield, Benjamin Hammond, John Jenkins, Thomas Johnson, John Newland, Edward and Ezra Perry, John Presbury, Henry Sanderson, William Swift, Thomas Tobey.

Benjamin HAMMOND and Mary Vincent (VINSENT) were married in 1650 in Sandwich, Barnstable, MA.20,23,24,25 According to the Vital Records of Sandwich, MA, p. 4, Mary Vincent married someone on 8 Nov 1648. The NEHGS: Perhaps she married Benjamin Hammond. FS Hammond claims a marriage to Mary Vincent in 1650, but lists no children until 1655. Mary Vincent (VINSENT), daughter of John VINCENT, was born in 1633. She died on 5 August 1705 at the age of 72 in Rochester, Plymouth, MA.24,26,27 She has reference number 482.

Benjamin HAMMOND and Mary Vincent (VINSENT) had the following children:



Rose HAMMOND died on 20 November 1676.28,29,30,31 She has reference number 468.



Daughter HAMMOND has reference number 1300.



Daughter HAMMOND was born (date unknown).












Benjamin HAMMOND Jr.