Third Generation

17. Ann "Nancy" ROBERTS was born about 1778 in Amherst Co, VA.148 149

Ann "Nancy" ROBERTS and William BURKS were married on 15 September 1794 in Amherst Co, VA.150,151 William BURKS, son of Samuel BURKS and Elizabeth CABELL, was born about 1770 in Buckingham Co, VA. 27 152 153 The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound William Burkes is this day by the Court appointed Guardian to his infant children Henry, Eliz. Cabell, Nancy Roberts & Willis Burks : Now if the above bound Wm Burks shall well & truly save harmless & indemnify the said Justices in the aforesaid appointment, and shall in every respect discharge his duty as Guardian aforesaid, then the above obligation to be void or otherwise to remain in full force & virtue. Signed & acknowledged William Burks (Seal)
Re: Judy Russell (The Legal Genealogist) - father's were appointed guardian of their own children when assets were received from other sources - in this case an inheritance of 320 acres of land from the estate of Joseph Cabell He died before March 1811 at the age of 41 in Amherst Co, VA.154

Ann "Nancy" ROBERTS and William BURKS had the following children:



Henry BURKS was born in Amherst Co, VA.153



Elizabeth Cabell BURKS was born in Amherst Co, VA.153



Nancy Roberts BURKS was born in Amherst Co, VA.153



Willis BURKS.