Fifth Generation

85. Susan Mildred ROBERTS was born on 21 October 1847 in Louisa Co, VA.758 She appeared in the census in 1860 in Louisa Co, VA.468 She appeared in the census in 1870 in Southern District, Louisa, VA.754 On 6 April 1899 Susan acquired 50 acres of land - estate of James D Roberts in Louisa Co, VA759 Whereas, by the last will and testament of James D Roberts, Sr, duly admitted to probate in the County Court, of the County of Louisa, State of Va. and recorded as of 10th day of may, 1874, in will book 1842 to 18874, page 618, the hereinafter described land known as the Carter Land devised to Thomas Walton, as trustee, for the benefit of Elizabeth Roberts, the wife of Richd. T. Roberts, and her children. Whereas the said Thomas Walton and Elizabeth Roberts having departed this life leaving surviving her the said Elizabeth Roberts, the following Heirs, of her body, to wit: R T Roberts, Gracy Roberts, the only child of W C Roberts, Martha R Walton, now the wife of Moses H White, Geo. E. Butler, Willie J. Badgett, and Mollie W. White, grand children of the said Elizabeth Roberts, they being the only children and grand children of the said Elizabeth Roberts, decd, and therupon under said will becoming entitled to equal undivided interest in fee in said land. Whereas the said heirs of the said Elizabeth Roberts, having agreed to sell said land to Susan M. Flannagan, her children in fee simple. Now, therefore this deed made this 6th day of April, 1899, between the said hiers of Elizabeth Roberts, decd as follows R T Roberts, and Louisa E his wife, Martha A Roberts, widow of W C Roberts, and Gracy Roberts, her daughter, Moses H White, and Martha R his wife, Geo. E. Butler, and Clara, his wife, Thomas Badgett and Willie J. his wife, and James White, and Millie his wife in consideration of ten dollars cash in hand paid the receipt whereof is herby acknowledged sells, and conveys, with general warranty to the said Susan M. Flannagan, fifty acres of land lying in Louisa County, and being the same land conveyed to James D Roberts, by Wilson M Carter and wife by deed dated the 17th Dec. 1845, and recorded in the Clerks Office of Louisa County Court on the 9th day of Feby, 1846, and devised by the will of James D Roberts, to Thomas Walton, trustee for Elizabeth Roberts & her children aforesaid and reference is h ere made to said deed and will for better description of said land.
To have and to hold, the foregoing granted premises unto his the said Susan M. Flannagan, her children as aforesaid.
Witness the following signatures and seals:

R T Roberts
Louisa E Roberts
Marsha A Roberts
Gracy Roberts
Geo E Butler
Clara E Butler
M H White
Martha R White
J H White
Millie W White
Thomas Badgett
Willie J Bagett(sic)

Susan Mildred ROBERTS and Stephen S FLANNAGAN were married on 5 January 1871 in VA.450,760 They450,760 appeared in the census in 1880 in Louisa Court House, Louisa, VA.761 Stephen S FLANNAGAN, son of William T FLANNAGAN and Mary A , died on 10 April 1904.762

Susan Mildred ROBERTS and Stephen S FLANNAGAN had the following children:



Lena H FLANNAGAN was born on 25 December 1871 in Louisa Co, VA.763,764



Virgilia C FLANNAGAN was born on 8 October 1874 in Louisa Co, VA.765