Seventh Generation

121. Catharine Ogilvie NORWOOD was born on 22 June 1808 in New York, NY, NY.895 She died Apoplexy on 1 August 1875 at the age of 67 in New York, NY, NY.896,897,898 She was buried on 4 August 1875 at New York City Marble Cemetery in New York, NY, NY.896,899,900

Catharine Ogilvie NORWOOD and Theobald Carl JUNG were married on 5 May 1832 in New York, NY, NY.901,902 They901,902 appeared in the census in 1850 in Ward 3, Brooklyn, Kings, NY.903 Theobald Carl JUNG was born on 12 April 1803 in Kreutznach, Germany. He was naturalized on 18 April 1831 at Marine Court in New York, NY, NY.904 By this Public Instrument Be it Known to all whom the same doth or may in any wise concern, That I FRANCIS R. TILLOU, a Public Notary in and for the State of new York, by Letters Patent, under the Great Seal of the said State, duly commissioned and sworn, dwelling in the city of New York, Do hereby Certify, that Theobald Jung, this day --?-- to me, a certificate, from the Marine Court of the City of New York, (a court having a common Law Jurisdiction a clerk and Seal.) by which it appears, that the said Theobald Jung has been duly admitted by said Court, a citizen of the United States of America.
He was born, in Prussia, aged 28 years, is about five feet, seven inches high; of light hair, light complexion - eyes blue - nose sharp; chin: round; forehead high; visage, oval : mouth, moderate ---
In testimony whereof, I have subscribed my name, and caused my Notarial Seal of Office to be hereunto affixed, the eighteenth day of April -- in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty one ---
Francis R Tillou
Not : Pub He Letter explaining lack of passport on 22 May 1844 in New York, NY, NY.905 In 1850 Theobald was an Importer in New York, NY, NY.906 He went to court to Defendant in a law suit on 28 April 1858 in New York, NY, NY907 He died in May 1879 at the age of 76 in New York, NY, NY.908,909 Theobald was buried on 15 May 1879 at New York City Marble Cemetery in New York, NY, NY.910 When Andrew Sickles Norwood wrote his will he specifically bequeathed part of his estate to his daughter Catharine, stipulating that Theobald Jung would have no control of it. See Andrew S. Norwood will.

Further research find a NY Times article date 25 June 1858 page 7, under the title "Legal Notices" Theobald C Jung was being sued in the NY Supreme Court with a large group of people by the estate of Sarah L Boggs.

Catharine Ogilvie NORWOOD and Theobald Carl JUNG had the following children:



Charles T JUNG.



Andrew Norwood JUNG.



Ogden JUNG was born in 1837 in New York.903



William JUNG was born in 1841 in New York.903



Gertrude JUNG.
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