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This website includes both of my genealogical lines — paternal, or Roberts and Hammond, and maternal, or Norwood and Paddock. I have produced them here in both the pedigree format including family group sheets, and as narratives starting with the first immigrant ancestor of the line, or in the case of Norwood, the first Norwood who established his family in Bermuda. Some of this research was begun by members of my family who were very proud of their early American ancestry and their pioneer families. Over the past few years I have attempted to organize and source their work and put it on the computer, as well as research the rest. You may find early work done by me that is improperly entered, sourced, or incorrectly included. Over time I have become more proficient, and like most researchers, have come to appreciate the value of original documents where available and the usefulness of including detailed and accurate sources and citations. But the early efforts are still there to be corrected.

I am pleased to acknowledge the constant and generous assistance from many other researchers who made my progress possible. However, I must state categorically that I alone am responsible for everything published on these pages, including all the errors.  It is my hope that visitors who identify shortcomings in this work will contact me and let me know so I make corrections.

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After assembling pictures of many ancestors that don't fit neatly into the genealogy, I decided to create different scrapbooks to share them. In this section you'll several scrapbooks. Go the Scrapbooks page to see what's available.

Other Content

"The Two Caleb Dorseys" is an article originally written for the Tuolumne County Historical Society publication, Chispa, after a year's research in Tuolumne, San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties. The initial purpose of writing this was to correct some incomplete and inaccurate research conducted earlier by various researchers. The primary research problem was recognizing that there was not one Caleb Dorsey in California in the 1860's, 1870's and 1880's, but two. Once I discovered that, it became a challenge to discover the facts of their separate but intersecting lives. They were both fascinating colorful men, representative of many people who came to California during that time period hoping to restart and reinvent their lives.

One of the Caleb Dorseys was a Colonel during the Civil War. After the war he became a rancher in California. Learn more about both of the Caleb Dorseys in the following articles:

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