The Genealogy Research of Lynne Roberts

Scrapbooks:  The Children of John and Emma (Ray) Hammond

John Hammond, Jr.
John Hammond, Jr
b. 1872, CA - d. 1927, CA
Robert Ray Hammond
Dr. Robert Ray Hammond
b. 1874, CA - d. 1932, CA
Howard Hammond Howard Hammond
b. 1880, CA - d. 1938, CA
Emma (Ray) Hammond and her Daughters
Emma Ray Hammond and her three daughters, from left, Edith Hammond, b. 1876, CA - d. 1950, CA, Abby Marble Hammond, b. 1878, CA - d. 1972, CA, and Lesley, b. 1885, CA - d. 1975, CA.

All six children born to John and Emma were born in Stockton, San Joaquin, CA and died in the same city.  This picture was taken on the front porch of the family home, 195 Hunter St., Stockton.

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