The Genealogy Research of Lynne Roberts

Scrapbooks: The Family of John Orville Roberts, Sr.

Mary Malvina Swain John Orville Roberts, Sr. Lucy Mildred (Fagg) Roberts
Mary Malvina Swain
Wife of John O. Roberts, Sr.
b. 1828, MO - d. 1900, MO
John Orville Roberts, Sr.
b. 1830, VA - d. 1913, MO
Lucy Mildred (Fagg) Roberts
Mother of John, wife of Jeremiah Roberts
b. 1810, VA - d. 1867, MO
Ellen Lewis (Roberts) Downing Children of John O Roberts, Sr. John Orville Roberts, Jr.
Ellen Lewis (Roberts) Downing
Sister of John, Sr.
b. 1839, MO - d. 1919, MO
The Children of John O. Roberts
From left: Mary Augusta, Jeremiah Warren, and
John O. Roberts, Jr.
John Orville Roberts, Jr.
b. 1860, MO - d. 1915, MO

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