First Generation

1. John Alexander ROBERTS was born about 1700 in England?.1 Don't know if he really came from England or Wales. DNA suggests he came from northern Wales - impossible to prove right now. In 1746 he was a Justice of the Peace in Albemarle Co, VA.2 Despite all the stories about J A Roberts, I have inquired of the University of Virginia and Albemarle County and no one has any record of John Alexander Roberts serving as a justice of the peace for that Albemarle County. 3 4 He Survey of land - 200 ac on 6 April 1763 in Amherst Co, VA.5 6 7 8 John Survey of land - 164 ac on 3 December 1768 in Amherst Co, VA.9 10 He died about 1780 at the age of 80 in Amherst Co, VA.11 Richmond Times Dispatch,Richmond, VA
Sunday, 2 Apr 1916, p 12
 John Roberts, first earl of Radnor, and John Alexander Roberts, fourth earl of Truro, came to Virginia.  We find that John Alexander,in 1721, married in Caroline County, Va. By this marriage were eight children – Sarah Roberts, born November 5,1722, Henry, Elliott, Elizabeth, Morris, Francis, John and Drusillla.  In company with his children, he moved in 1746 to Albemarle County, Va., and patented lands on Rockfish River, about six miles from the James, and was justice of the peace, which office was then held for life, and was constituted the highest court in the colony, with appeal to the Governor and council.  Elliot Roberts married Elizabeth Phillips, of Amherst County, Va.  Issue: John M. Captain Zack, Henry and Mathew and seven others – names not found.  John M. first married Miss White,of Albemarle County, Va., by whom were Fountain, Jeremiah W and Captain John E., and Elizabeth.  By a second marriage to Miss Matilda Jane Harris, sister to the wives of Captain Zack Roberts and his brother, Henry Roberts, were:  Ann Tate, Matilda Jane, Milton, Emily and Henry M. Roberts.  Matilda Jane Roberts married William Addison Roberts.  HE was born in 1811 in Appomattox County, died in Roanoke, November 13, 1889.  His wife died in 1862 .  Their children were:  Bettie Ann, John Milton and Ella Horsely Roberts.  Bettie Ann Roberts married Dr.William H Horton.  He died June 5, 1862,when their only child, William H Horton was just three weeks old.  He was born May 11, 1862.  His mother died July 9, 1890.  William Addison Roberts was a son of John Roberts whose brothers, Alexander and Joseph were half-brothers of Henry Dawson Roberts.  John Roberts, just mentioned,married Virginia Horsley.  His son John married Malinda Coleman.  Issue:  Price and Alice Roberts

John Alexander ROBERTS and Virginia were married in 1721 in Caroline Co, VA.1,12 This is actually impossible because Caroline County wasn't formed until 1728. They1,12 lived in Amherst Co, VA in 1746.2 In actuality, John A Roberts and his sons bought land in Albemarle County in the central part of the original county. However, about 1761 they found themselves in Amherst County after it was formed from Albemarle County. And again, in 1808 Nelson was formed from the eastern half of the county and they all became known as Nelson County residents. Virginia was born (date unknown).

John Alexander ROBERTS and Virginia had the following children:



Sarah ROBERTS was born on 5 November 1722 in Caroline Co, VA.13,14 Not possible - Caroline County wasn't formed until 1728.



Henry ROBERTS was born before 1730 in Caroline Co, VA.15 He bought land in 1750 - needed to be at least 21 years old by then. 16 He Wit to land deal - GA and Orange Co, VA on 31 January 1760 in Amherst Co, VA.17 18 19 This is the land deal that helped me to recognize the error of my first genealogical line. Clearly the Morris Roberts of Albemarle Co could not have been the father of Richard Roberts. I am clear that Morris Roberts of Louisa Co was indeed Richard's father - proven by his will. However, I cannot explain how Amherst Co Henry acquired the land. Morris Roberts who died in 1760 stated in his will that he had a brother named Henry, but failed to mention anyone else. Consequently, this may be another Henry Roberts - not related to the John A line - or it is John A's son and I have failed to account for two Morrises. At lease I know this Henry couldn't sign his name - used an H as his mark. I will try to determine if the 'other' Henry could sign his name. He Livestock purchase from John Roberts, Amherst on 6 July 1772 in Albemarle Co, VA.10 Henry served in the military Publick Claim on 2 April 1782 in Amherst Co, VA.20 He Wit to land purchase by John Thomas on 6 February 1784 in Amherst Co, VA.21 22 23 24 25 He Quiz Rebecca Martin about land sale on 27 November 1793 in Amherst Co, VA.26 On 5 January 1795 Henry was charged with [description]27 28



Elliott ROBERTS.









Frances ROBERTS was born about 1734 in Caroline Co, VA.15



Drusilla ROBERTS was born about 1736 in Caroline Co, VA.15



Elizabeth ROBERTS.