Third Generation

6. Richard NORWOOD was born before 21 August 1667 in Barbados, BWI.89 He was baptized on 21 August 1667 in St Philip Parish Church, Island of Barbados, BWI.90 In 1698 he was a MCP in Pembroke, Bermuda.91 Richard migrated from in Bermuda to Charleston, SC92,93 On 18 October 1722 he was a Ship's Captain, Sloop Phoebe and Mary in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.94 Abstracts from Ben Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1748, p. 9
Capt Norwood, from Philadelphia arrived 23 Setp 1729 at Antiqua - a New York item of 13 Oct - in the 16 Oct issue of the paper.

Same source, p. 143:
Woman seeks household work or to be employed as a nurse - enquire at Capt Norwood's in Phila. 4 Nov 1736 issue.

Richard NORWOOD and Susanna STOWE lived in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA in 1706.95 They95 were married in Bermuda.96 Susanna STOWE, daughter of Joseph STOWE and Ann , was born on 26 March 1672 in Devonshire Parish, Bermuda.97 She owned property before 23 January 1702 in Pembroke, Bermuda.98 In 1702 she was a functioning attorney in Pembroke, Bermuda.99 NEHGS Record, Vol 157, 2003, page 112:
As Edward Archer, merchant, of Barbados, he bought property in Pembroke, Bermuda, 23 Jan 1702 from Susannah Norwood, wife and attorney of Richard Norwood (at present resident in Carolina). (Composite Volumes of Deeds, Bonds, Grants, Warrants, etc., 3.2, p. 197, at the Bermuda Archives) As "Capt. Edward Archer now outward bound unto Caroline, he received a power of attorney on Bermuda 20 Oct. 1703. And on 1 July 1715 Edward Archer, merchant, of Pembroke, Bermuda, sold an island of 3,020 acres at the mouth of Port Royal River, Granville, Co., SC to Alexander Parris, merchant, of Charleston, SC, to be paid in Bermuda money.

Richard NORWOOD and Susanna STOWE had the following children:












Benjamin NORWOOD was born before 18 July 1706 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.100 He was baptized on 18 July 1706 in First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.95,101 He lived in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA in 1758.102 Mail was held by the Philadelphia post office 12 Jan 1758



Susanna NORWOOD was born before 24 September 1709 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.103 She was baptized on 24 September 1709 in First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.104,105 She died before March 1712/3 at the age of 3 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.106



Susanna NORWOOD was born before 22 March 1712/3 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.107 She was baptized on 22 March 1712/3 in First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.108,109



On 9 October 1706 Richard NORWOOD was an Apprenticed to Benj Norwood as Mariner in New York, NY, NY.110 He was born.111 Also suggested by the apprenticeship.



Cliff NORWOOD was born.111
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