Second Generation

2. Andrew NORWOOD was born in 1623 in London, England.1,43 He witnessed Will of James Bell on 16 December 1664 in St Michael's Parish, Barbados44 On 22 July 1672 he was a surveyor in Staten Island, Richmond, NY.45,46 Andrew owned 150 acres on 5 September 1672 in Staten Island, Richmond, NY.47,48,49,50,51 A Confirmation Granted unto Mr Andrew Norwood for a Lott on Staten Island ~
Francis Lovelace Esq &c Whereas there is a Certaine piece of Land upon Staten Island the which by my Order hath been surveyed & laid out by the Surveyor General for Mr Andrew Norwood bounded on the North side upon the Land of Capt Dudley Lovelace neare the Watering Place on the East side along the Shoare extending from the said Land where now there is an Oaken Tree marked with an X One hundred Seaventy foure English Poles to another Oaken Tree at the Corner of a Sandy Bay Marked with a Cross & from thence extending West South West into the Woods Paralell to the Governors Land soe farr as to Containe one hundred & fifty Acres with fitting Meadow thereunto belonging to the end the said Land maybee Planted & manured Know Yee that by verture of the Commission & Authority unto mee Given by his Royall Highness I have Given & Granted & by these Presents doe hereby Give Ratify Confirme & Grant unto ye said Andrew Norwood his Heires & Assignes ye afore recited Piece of Ground butted and Bounded as aforesaid &c. ~ Quitt Rent 12?:6d being at ye Rate of one penny p Acre ~ The Patent Dated Septemb:19th:1672.
I do hereby Certify the aforegoing to be a
true Copy of the Original Record. Part of the
Word bounded interlined between the fifth and
sixth lines. Compared therewith by Me.
Lewis A Scott, Secretary He lived in Barbados, BWI in 1674.52 In New York, NY, NY on 31 August 1676 he was delinquent in paying assessment for new wharf.53 He owned 397 acres on 29 September 1676 in Staten Island, Richmond, NY.54,55,56 A Patent Granted unto Mr Andrew Norwood for Land on Staten Island -
Edmond Andros Esq &c Whereas there is a certaine piece of Land upon Staten Island lying upon the Eastern side thereof being in length by the Water side, Eighty Two Chaines and in Breadth forty Including also a Certain Valley of Land lying in the reare of the said Land being in Length by the side of the Hills fforty Chaines and at the reare six Chaines and Eighteen Chaines by the reare of the said Land being bounded to the Northward by the Land of Cott ~ Francis Lovelace to the East by the waterside and to the South and West by the Commons Containing three hundred Seventy and two Ares of Land as also twenty five Acres of Meadow Ground adjoyning unto the Meadow of Capt. Nathaniell Davenport and Company lying to the Southward of the Point of John Teunisens: Three hundred Acres of which said Land was heretofore Graunted by Patent from Cott Ffrancis Lovelace (then Governor) unto Mr Andrew Norwood and Capt Dudley Lovelace and a beginning of a Settlement made there upon the remainder being New Land undisposed of All which hath now by Warrant from mee been laid out for Mr. Andrew Norwood as by the returne of the Survey under the Hand of the Surveyor doth and may appeare Now Know Yee That by vertue of his Maties Letters Patents and the Commission and Authority unto mee given by his Royall Highness I have Given and Graunted And by these presents do give and Graunt unto the said Andrew Norwood his Heires and Assinges the afore recited piece of Land Meadow Ground and premises with all and Singular the Appurtenances To have and to hold the said Piece of Land Meadow Ground and Premisses unto the said Andrew Norwood his Heires and Assignes unto the proper use and behoofe of him the said Andrew Norwood his Heirs and Assignes for even hee making Improvement on the said Land and continuing in Obedience according to Law And yeilding and Paying therefore yearly and every yeare unto his Royall Highnesse use as a Quitt Rent foure Bushells of Good Winter Wheat unto such Officer or Officers in Authority there as shall bee Empowered to receive the same. Given under my hand and Sealed with the Seale of the Province in New Yorke the 29th day of September in the 28th Yeare of his Maties Reigne Annoq Domini 1676.

E Andros
Examined by mee
M. Nicolls Secry Andrew was appointed as Surveyor of Staten Island in 1677 57 He owned 25 acres on 29 September 1677 in Staten Island, Richmond, NY.58,59 A Pattent for a Piece of Land at Statten Island Granted to Andrew Norwood
Edmund Andross Esqr &c Whereas there is a Certayne Piece of Land Lying to ye Northward of ye said Norwoods Plantation on Statten Island which hath by my Order beene layd out for Andrew Norwood aforesayd being in Length by ye Water side one hundred &C fourteen Odds and Ranging West South West up to ye Hills thirty five Odds being Bounded to ye Northwards to ye Land formerly belonging to Collenel Francis Lovelace and to ye West by ye Hills qtd in all twenty five Acres as by ye Returne of ye Survey under ye Hand of ye Surveyr doth and may appeare Know Yee Dated ye 29 Day of Sepr 1677 ~ Quitt Rent is one Bushell of Good Winter Wheat to bee paid at New York.

I do hereby Certify the aforegoing to be a true Copy of
the original Record. Word up interlined between sixth and
seventh lines. Compared therewith By Me ~
Lewis A Scott. Secretary. He owned Desc of survey of 25 acres on Staten Island on 10 October 1677 in New Amsterdam.60 On 14 May 1678 Andrew was a surveyor in Staten Island, Richmond, NY.61 In 1679 he was a surveyor in Staten Island, Richmond, NY.62 He signed a will on 24 April 1684 in St Christopher (St Kitts), Leeward Islands, Caribbean.63,64 In ye name of god amen this twenty fourth of april ann.d 1684 and in ye five and thirtieth year of his majesties Reigne of Great Brittaine ffrance and Ireland I Andrew Norwood being of good and perfect memory thanks bee to god and calling to remembrance ye oncertaine state of this Transitory life & of all flesh must yield to death whom it shall please god to call doe make ordaine and declare this my last will and Testament and testaments will and wills heretofore by mee made and declared either by word or by wrighting and this onely to be taken for my last will and Testament and no other & first being Penitent and Sorry from ye bottom of my heart for my sinns past most humbly desiring forgiveness for ye same I give and Committ my soule to Almighty god my Saviour and Redeemer in whome and by ye merits of Jesus Christ I trust and believe assuredly to be saved and to have full Remission of all my sins and yt my Soule my Body at ye General Resurrection shall Rise againe Joy and through ye merits of Christ's death and Passion possess and inherit ye Kingdom of Heaven Prepared for his elect and Chosen and my body to bee buryed in such place where it shall Please god and my Executor hereafter named to apoint and now for ye settling of my termporall estate with such goods as it hath pleased got to bestow upon mee I doe order give and bestow of ye same manner and forme following yt is to say all my debts and utties as I owe or stand lawfully indebted to any Person or Persons whosoever shall be well and truly paid ordained to be paid....convenient time after my decease by my Executors hereafter named.
Item I give and bequeath to my beloved married wife meliora norwood ye third part of my temporall estate as well in this Island as elsewhere
Item I give and bequeath to my son Richard Norwood all my Conserns (?) in ye Island of Bermoodas as all Land housing Testament (?) or other estate to him and his heirs forever
Item I give unto my son Benjamin Norwood all my Conserns in Carolina as also all Tenam.Ts housing or other estate there two negroes named fortune and moreo (?) y.t a now living in this Island of St Christophers to him and his heires forever.
Item I give unto my son Henry Norwood all my lands ten.mts housing and other estate in New York as also unto my said son Henry my bible with all my other books and Silver Tankard and Silver Salt Seller and half a douzen of silver spoons and my load stone to him and his heires forever
Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Norwood all my land tenements and Concerns in ye Island of Stt Christophers to her and her heires forever
Item I likewise ordaine my beloved wife meliora norwood to be my sole Executrix of this my last will and Testament and so ye management of all my affaires in everything until my Children come of age my sons to ye age of one and twentie and my daughter until shee is married
Item and Furthermore it is my absolute will and desire yt those lands houses and is before expressed & yt I have bequeathed unto my children in this my last will and testament shall not be Imbazoled or sold or made away but shall Redound to them and each of them to their heires forever.
Item and Lastly I doe appoint mytrusty and well beloved ffriend Mr James Latty and Mr. Charles Evirard to be overseirs (?) of this my last will and testament and to see yt my wife and children may not wronged and I doe further bequeath to Mr James Latty for his paines as a legacy Bonde book of ye Inclinatory Nedle ye Instrument & Likewise to Mr. Chas Evirard as a Legacy a fuze and a sword for his paines and care in Testimony whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal ye day & ye first above written

Witnesses W.m Nesson (?)
Test. Rich Co.....
Charles Evirard Andrew died before 12 March 1686 at the age of 63 in St. Christopher, BWI.65,66 He had his estate probated on 12 March 1686/7 in St Christopher (St Kitts), Leeward Islands, Caribbean.63,67 Stt Christophers
March 12th 1686/7 Then appeared before me Leftt Charles Evirard and Sergt Rich. Cornew and made oath on ye holly evangelist of almighty god yt ye saw Capt Andrew Norwood sign seal and deliver ye within mentioned writeing as his las will and testament and that ye was in perfect health and memory.
Tho. Hill A memorandum of w.t my mother would have
sent over a bible a Good Ring with a diamond in it a
load stone a two silver spoons other things
my father left

Stt Xtopher
Recorded ye within mentioned will and foregoing Probet in Regest. No. D. Folio 170 & 171 ye 16th of marsh Ano 1686/7 per ye Peters Chi Sect

per ye Peters Chi Sect He owned request for survey in 1700 in New York, NY, NY.68,69,70 St Nicholas Society Records: Andrew Norwood of Barbadoes was a son of Richard Norwood of Bermuda. See Will of Richard Norwood mentioned in Lefroy's Memorials of the Bermudas Vol II page 422; this book can be found in the Astor Library. In this Will of Richard Norwood he mentions "my son Andrew Norwood living at Barbadoes."

See also official copies of copies of Certificates of Baptisms of Richard Norwood and Benjamin Norwood sons of said Andrew Norwood.

For proof of Andrew Norwood of Barbadoes being in New York City, see Calendar of New York Colonial Manuscripts endorsed "Land Papers" in office of Secretary of State of New York, Vol 1, page 6, Sept 5th, 1672, "Description of a survey of Andrew Norwood's land on Staten Island containing --60 acres."

Vol. 1, page 13 "Description of a Survey of 372 acres of land lying upon ye easterne side of Staten Island, laid out at ye request of Andrew Norwood of ye Island of Barbadoes, merchant."

Also see Commission for Mr. Andrew Norwood to be Surveyor for Staten Island in NY Warrants &c., 1674 - 1678, in State Library, Albany, NY State.

Copy of Pass granted Andrew Norwood.
NY State Library General Entries 4:220.
"Passes granted, for Mr Andrew Norwood, Mr William Barron, & Robert Sanford a Ladd to goe for Barbadoes in the Ship Charles, Capt Edward Randall Comander.
All bearing date ye 18th of Octobr 1672."

Genealogical Record, St Nicholas Society of the City of New York, Vol I, p. 239:
Andrew Norwood (-----1684?) of Barbadoes, also of New York, was the son of Richard Norwood, a distinguished Englishman, who was one of the most eminent of the original settlers of the Bermudas or Somers Islands. Andrew Norwood was a resident of the West Indies, and communicated to the Royal Society, in 1668, "Observations in Jamaica." He seems to have immigrated to New York before the assumption of the government by Sir Edmund Andros, for in March, 1672, an order was issued to lay out two towns on Staten Island, and in September following he received a grant of 150 acres of land on the shore of Staten Island, near the present Quarantine Ground. In 1677 he was appointed Surveyor of Staten Island. Andrew Norwood is also mentioned in "A Two Years Journal in New York," by Rev. Charles Wooley, who was chaplain at the garrison of Fort James in New York City in 1679, as follows: "The Fort and Garrison of this place lieth in the degree of 40th and 20 minutes of northern Latitude, as was observed and taken by Mr. Andrew Norwood, son of the Famous Mathematician of that name, and by Mr. Phillip Wells and Van Cortlandt Junior, Robert Rider and Jacobus Stephens, the seventh of July, 1679, with whom I was well acquainted and that time present with them."

Staten Island and Its People, A History 1609-1929
by Leng and Davis, Lewis Historical Pub Co, Inc, NY, 1930
Colonial Period, p. 117 ...Dudley Lovelace, had 150 acres laid out for him. Adjoining this piece lay a tract for which a patent was granted to Andrew Norwood, a land surveyor. Between this and the Kill van Kull lay land in the possession of Thomas Lovelace, also a brother of the Governor. Westwardly to Palmer's Run lay a territory a loarge part of which the Governor designed for himself, as he began the erection of a mill at the Run...Thomas Walton later occupied a lot at the entrance to the Narrows. Andrew Norwood was granted land lying between the east end of Richmond Road and extending nearly to St. John's Church and with a tongue running southwesterly "between the hills." The name of Thos. Carle appears with that of Nathan Whitmore and Gideon Marlette in 1671 (Council Minutes, p 13)

Andrew NORWOOD and Meliora were married before 1661.71 Meliora witnessed Will of William Crofts on 24 November 1681 at St. Michael's Parish in Barbados, BWI72 She witnessed Christening of John and Amarentia Stout's daughter on 4 March 1715 in New York, NY, NY73 Historical Miscellany, p. 366 - 1700, June 19. Petition of Amareus, widow of John Stout, late of the Island of Jamaica, praying that the lands, on Staten Island, purchased by her husband Andrew Norwood to whom the same were patented, be surveyed.

Andrew NORWOOD and Meliora had the following children:



Richard NORWOOD.



Benjamin NORWOOD.



Elizabeth NORWOOD was born before 19 February 1675 in St Michael Parish, Barbados, BWI.74 She was baptized on 19 February 1675 in St Michael Parish, Barbados, BWI.75,76



Henry NORWOOD was born (date unknown). Norwood Genealogy - no supporting documentation

Callam, page 135
Henry Norwood, who was left New York estates, Bibles and books, tankard and salt cellar. No recorded descent.

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