Second Generation

3. Matthew NORWOOD was born in 1625 in England.77 He witnessed Swore to signatures of three men on 28 January 1677/8 in Bermuda78 In 1685 he was an author of Norwood's System of Navigation in Bermuda.79,80 Matthew migrated from in Bermuda to Norfolk, VA81 Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century, page 242:
Col Rec Vol 8 p. 17
1677/78 Jan 28. Matthew Norwood, commander of ship "John" of London, appeared before Gov. John Heydon & swore to signatures of above three men [Richard Stafford, Henry Durham & John Wainwright attornies for guardians in probate of will of Samuel Whalley]

Callam, page 135:
He became Master of The Bermuda Company and received books and instruments from his father, attributing his learning to his father's influence.

Birth date from Callam used in fact is highly questionable- she gives his son's birth date as 1713 making Matthew 88 at his birth - physically possible but highly improbable.

Matthew NORWOOD and Frances were married in Bermuda.81 Frances was born (date unknown).

Matthew NORWOOD and Frances had the following children:



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