Second Generation

5. Anne NORWOOD was born about 1628 in England. She suspected of witchcraft in May 1651 in Bermuda.88 The Norwoods III, p. 137: In 1651 she was accused of witchcraft and taken before Judge Joshua Foster but acquitted. She married Richard Bowen. They changed their name to Bowne and emigrated to America, taking Richard Norwood's Journal with them. They left two children, Capt John Bowen and Samuel Norwood Bowen.

Anne NORWOOD and Richard "Bowne" BOWEN were married.88 Richard "Bowne" BOWEN was born (date unknown).

Anne NORWOOD and Richard "Bowne" BOWEN had the following children:



Capt John BOWEN was born (date unknown). The Norwoods III, page 137: Capt John Bowen, a notorious pirte who lived in Mauritius.



Samuel Norwood BOWEN was born in Bermuda. The Norwoods III, p 137: Samuel Norwood Bowen who went to America and had two daughters, Maria Bowne who married Judge Hathaway of Delhi, NY and another unnamed daughter.

Census data has been found for a Norwood Bowne in Delhi, NY in 1850, so it is clear that Bowen had sons, too.

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