Ninth Generation

192. Louise NORWOOD was born in May 1875 in New York.1167 She appeared in the census in 1900 in Manhattan, New York, New York.1167

Louise NORWOOD and Howard SLADE were engaged on 12 January 1913 in New York, NY, NY.1431 They1431 were married on 19 January 1913 in New York, NY, NY.1432,1433 They1432,1433 lived at 223 East 17th St in New York, NY, NY on 26 December 1914.1434 On 23 December 1910 Howard SLADE, son of father SLADE, was a president, H & J T Slade Corp in New York, NY, NY.1435 He in an auto accident on 2 July 1912 in Monmouth Beach, NJ.1436 He testified in a lawsuit for damages as the result of an auto accident on 22 January 1914 in New York, NY, NY.1437 Howard died on 27 December 1927 in New York, NY, NY.1438 He had his estate probated on 28 December 1928 in New York, NY, NY.1439

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